Friday, January 10, 2014

What is your signature style? & which necklace styles work best with your signature style?
Are you Eclectic, A Modern Minimalist, Classic Chic, A Lady, Bohemian, Femme Fatale or Dramatic & Fashion Forward?
p.s. if you are still defining your signature style, use this guide to figure out which category or categories…you fall into.
Ok let’s break-down each of the above categories.
If your style is eclectic you are a MIX MASTER!  You have a picturesque way of dressing & combining textures, fabrics, patterns, stripes and colors.  Your unique ability to harmonize your look is awe inspiring!!!  Now, which necklace style suits your eclectic nature…
Since you draw upon multiply ideas to form a single look the possibilities are endless check out the link below to discover endless possibilities!!!